Thanks for the bedroom

I always told Aryeh that when he moved out for good I was going to turn his room into my studio and I finally got to do that about 6 months ago.  The arrangement has worked out really well for the both of us. He lives 5 minutes away, I get to see him all of the time but I don’t have to pick up after him.  Luckily for me he isn’t planning on moving back after graduation so I can continue to make a complete mess of his room.  As you can see on the pic, I am not exaggerating.  


About PainterPaige

I am an abstract painter living in the Washington, DC suburbs. I have always loved to create. I won my first art award in 3rd grade for my “Friends with Animals” poster. The prize was $3 and my poster was hung at city hall for a month. It was a huge deal back in elementary school. I started my first business, Paige’s Painted Floorcloths, in 2006 where I hand-painted canvas floorcloths and sold them on my website, and at local art shows. My site is still up and custom floorcloths are still available although I gave up selling at shows a couple of years ago. This past year, I picked up a paintbrush and fell in love with painting all over again. This time I decided to stick to abstract painting on canvas. I am loving every minute of it!
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