New things in store for PainterPaige

Well, I thought I was going to be posting more often but I see that I haven’t created a post since early May.  I will try to be better.

Some exciting things have been happing with my painting business lately.  A local artist representative  got in touch with me through my Etsy site and wanted to try to sell a few of my paintings.  She puts on happy hours and events at local restaurants, inviting local buyers and sells work by local Maryland artists.  The first show is tonight in White Marsh and it will be exciting to see how it goes.  She has 4 of my paintings but will showcase about 30 pieces from various artists at each event.  She plans on putting on approximately 2 events a month.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  What have I got to lose, right?

Also, I am now selling my paintings at Gala Artisan Jewelry & Gifts in Kensington.  I just happen to drop by after my work out to check out the store, met the owner, Linda and she seemed interested in selling my paintings.  I went in the following week to show her my work in person and there are about 15 pieces for sales there right now.  I actually worked there yesterday from 12-5 and will work every other Sunday for right now.  It makes me feel more part of the store instead of just a vendor.
Its an amazing store and feel very lucky to be included.

Now, I need to really start painting more.  My inventory is getting low and I need to get it back up so I will have replacements for the art that sells (see, I am trying to think positively).  Anyway, painting is what I love to do, so its no hardship.

I started painting big- at least big for me.  Some examples below.  One is already hanging in my family room and one will go in Aryeh’s new bedroom when he moves home at the end of July.

I will keep you posted on how my business is going and thanks as always for your support.  You can find my latest works for sale on my Etsy site.


About PainterPaige

I am an abstract painter living in the Washington, DC suburbs. I have always loved to create. I won my first art award in 3rd grade for my “Friends with Animals” poster. The prize was $3 and my poster was hung at city hall for a month. It was a huge deal back in elementary school. I started my first business, Paige’s Painted Floorcloths, in 2006 where I hand-painted canvas floorcloths and sold them on my website, and at local art shows. My site is still up and custom floorcloths are still available although I gave up selling at shows a couple of years ago. This past year, I picked up a paintbrush and fell in love with painting all over again. This time I decided to stick to abstract painting on canvas. I am loving every minute of it!
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