A Small World

A few weeks ago, I delivered a custom painting to a customer who found me on Etsy.  The couple lives in Rockville, MD, only a few miles from me so I got to deliver it in person and see its new home.  They loved the painting and were so excited to be able to hang it in their newly remodeled kitchen.  That following week, I received an email from my old boss (we worked together for over 5 years) who said that she and her husband had just gone to dinner at her husband’s cousins house who wanted to show them their new kitchen and their brand new painting.  Joanne, my old boss saw that the painting was signed by “Paige” and she said she knew right away that it was one of my pieces.  I would say that that is some coincidence (or as Oprah says, “there are not coincidences”).  Small world.

And as always you can find my latest works for sale on my Etsy site.


About PainterPaige

I am an abstract painter living in the Washington, DC suburbs. I have always loved to create. I won my first art award in 3rd grade for my “Friends with Animals” poster. The prize was $3 and my poster was hung at city hall for a month. It was a huge deal back in elementary school. I started my first business, Paige’s Painted Floorcloths, in 2006 where I hand-painted canvas floorcloths and sold them on my website, paigespaintedfloorcloths.com and at local art shows. My site is still up and custom floorcloths are still available although I gave up selling at shows a couple of years ago. This past year, I picked up a paintbrush and fell in love with painting all over again. This time I decided to stick to abstract painting on canvas. I am loving every minute of it!
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